Hey guys! I’m excited to share something with you that was so amazing. It’s so funny how God will speak to you in the smallest still voice. I remember when I called a 21 day fast for our staff as we do every start of the new year. We could have fruits, vegetables and baked fish or chicken. Anything fried was OUT of the question. We all started out strong and was ready to go. As we approached our final week, everyone began discussing what they couldn’t wait to eat after the fast was finished. Well at the end of the 21 days, we could hardly avoid counting down the hours. The main thing that I couldn’t WAIT to eat was some fried rice from my favorite Chinese restaurant and an egg roll. Boy just the thought of it made me excited. The final day of the fast left me almost smelling the fried rice although it was merely in my mind. Now, everyone else came to work on Monday with their most desired meals and foods. Not me! My Chinese restaurant didn’t open until 4:00 P.M. so I continued as much as I could as if I were still on the fast so that I could chow down and abolish that egg roll and fried rice.

Four O’clock finally came. I didn’t want to run into the crowd, so I purposely waited an extra hour before leaving working to go and order. I placed my order, got my food and quickly drove home. Yes, I admit, I was speeding to eat what I couldn’t wait to eat for 21 days. The thing that I short of dreamt of eating and savoring its’ flavor. I could smell the aroma from the front seat although the bag was in the back seat. I quickly pulled into my garage. I threw the car in park and rushed into the house. I washed my hands, got a plate and grabbed some water. I sat down, took a deep breath and opened the bag. It’s funny how when you haven’t had fried food in a long time, 21 days in this case, you can smell the grease…LOL. I put the rice on the plate, put my sweet and sour sauce on it and started with the egg roll. It was absolutely delish! But remember, I REALLY wanted that fried rice. I took the first bite of that rice and waited for the fireworks. NOTHING!!!! I even closed my eyes with the next bite hoping that it would enhance the flavor. NOTHING!!!!!  I looked down at my plate and was like” hmmmm”. I said God, this is not as good as I remember. So, I ate another fork full and it was scratching my throat as I swallowed it which quickly started becoming irritating. So I thought, let me slow down. Maybe I’m too anxious. I put a little more on my plate and put the sweet and sour sauce on again and dug in. NOTHING!!! I sat there as discouragement began to rise up within me and I quickly said, thank you Lord that it’s not good like I thought it would have been. If it had been as good as I thought, I would have OVER indulged…OK, I would have eaten the whole pan. I said God I truly thank you. 

As I put the top back on the fried rice, I heard the Lord say in a small still voice, “isn’t it funny that what you THOUGHT you HAD to have didn’t satisfy.” Immediately, I began reflecting and praising God. Guys, I don’t know about you, but in my lifetime, there were SOOOOO Many things that I just HAD to have (in my mind). However, after God “didn’t give IT or THEM to me” I then felt as though I “missed” something. But God quickly taught me that if He said, “not right now”, it was for a reason. It means that He has something SOOOO much better and bigger than you know. We MUST take God at His Word! He says in Ephesians that He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly ABOVE (or MORE than) ALL that we ask or think. In the Message Bible, it says more than we could imagine, guess or request in your WILDEST dreams.  Man, that means even your UNSPOKEN desires, He is able to do above and beyond. Let me tell you, me and the Lord was having a Holy Ghost time over some fried rice that was what I THOUGHT I wanted and didn’t satisfy. He began to remind me of ALL the times that I didn’t get what I thought would satisfy OR what I did actually get and how I was like…”is that it??????” LOL!!!! Guys we will only find satisfaction when we look to the Lord. He knows what we need and when we need it. His timing is ALWAYS perfect. 

So, I encourage you today as the Father encouraged me that day. Take joy in the Lord. Knowing that what He gives you will always satisfy (James 1:17). As long as you keep Him first, you can rest assured that your heart will always be pleased and satisfied (Psalms 37:4). Because the Father only gives good gifts, we know that it will ALWAYS be BETTER than what we would choose. With that in mind, wait on the Lord and I guarantee that what God gives you won’t leave you unsatisfied!