The Launching Pad

Hey guys! I was sitting at my desk today reflecting on a conversation that I was having with a friend about her birthday. She was really nonchalant when I inquired on what she was going to do. She said nothing, it’s just another day. I screamed NO!!!! Birthdays are MAJOR! She didn’t seem to think so. Guys, in my holy ghost vision, your birthday is the day that God said “OK LaQuetta, (you insert your name), you’re ready to be launched to pursue your assignment.  Your birthday is the day that you were launched from the spirit realm (eternity) into the natural realm (time), to accomplish God’s divine plan and purpose for your life. I look at your day of birth as your launching pad. The day God predestined for you to pursue your mission in life.

I was curious as to exactly what a launching pad was and found out some very interesting information. A launching pad is an above-ground platform from which a missile is vertically launched to its’ assignment.  A missile is a self-propelled precision-guided system. It has four system components: targeting or missile guidance, flight system, engine, and warhead. Targeting (missile guidance) is important because it improves the proper missile accuracy by improving its “Single Shot Kill Probability” (SSKP), which is part of combat survivability…I need you to come up a little higher and see this concept in the spirit.  So, the word missile comes from the Latin verb mittere, meaning “to send”…(Y’all with me????–“SEND”). God makes sure that we are targeted (or “SENT”)to the correct parents, and situations. Even when in our mind it’s not the “correct” situation, family or parents, we have combat survivability! WE ARE EQUIPPED for the assignment.  The flight system and engine of the missile act to make sure that the inner chambers are operating properly. Pretty much how the Holy Spirit makes sure that our inner chambers are operating properly (if we’re listening and obeying…LOL). Then there’s the warhead, which refers to the explosive or toxic material that is delivered by the missile when there is impact! Yeaaassss!!!! We are some powerful and anointed vessels!

Our Heavenly Father Is sooo strategic.  He has planned everything accordingly. So, I submit to you, please, don’t think of your birthday or date of birth, as just another day! This was the predestined and ordained day which God desired to launch you from eternity into time. It was the day which He selected for you to initiate your assignment. You must SEEK God and pursue Him for His purpose for your life (Ephesians 1:9) on the journey to your divine destiny.