Transforming Pain Into Purpose & Purpose to Power

Meet Dr. Clipps

As a spirit-led thought leader and transformational coach, I am a builder of all things PEOPLE. I have a passion for helping others develop themselves whether it be spiritually, professionally or relationally. I believe that every individual has greatness on the inside of them and with the proper guidance and reflective insight, they are able to live the abundant life that we are called to live.  As I coach clients, I admonish them to utilize their often-times painful past experiences as a vehicle to transform that pain into their passion thus, enabling them to discover their purpose.

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My Journey

As far back as I can remember, I was serving in some capacity. Although I was not aware that is what I was doing, I knew that I just loved people.

I enjoyed teaching other children in my neighborhood how to braid hair, dance or host block parties. Since I was able to work, I have served in the human service field. Seeming to find myself in leadership or management roles in just about each place of business, I garnered the skills necessary to open doors for more professional positions in corporate America. After numerous years in the corporate world, the Lord began to assign me to more ministry type communities. I began a radio ministry and a cable television talk show which allowed me the opportunity to provide healing to those who would call in or come on the show. This created more of a hunger for me and I decided to finish my college degree in Human Services. Once I obtained that degree, I earned my Master’s in Educational Leadership and went on to obtain my Doctorate in Divinity. In 2006, I was called into the office of the Pastorate and was licensed and ordained. I started our church, Divine Destiny Ministries and my first of several entrepreneurial ventures. As a pastor, I began counseling and coaching individuals from all walks of life. Many of whom were dealing with past hurts and needed healing. I have had the opportunity to teach at conferences, seminars and have helped individuals to understand and grow in areas such as spiritual development, purpose and destiny, family and relationship dynamics, leadership formation and spiritual well-being. During my coaching sessions, I teach the importance of one knowing their self-worth. I know first-hand the importance of this knowledge. After overcoming various obstacles in my life, and being a single mother of two, I have personally experienced how God will catapult your life from one of setbacks to set-ups; ultimately evolving it into a life from transformation to favor. I have a passion to minister to hurting people encouraging them that although circumstances in life may leave you feeling shattered, you WILL NOT be broken.